We offer the latest in termite prevention and control in the form of Termidor. Termidor is reported to be 100% effective on eliminating termite colonies within 90 days of treatment. We continue to offer treatments with the conventional repellent chemicals. We also offer free inspections and estimates for treatment.

WDO Inspections

Hernando Pest Control offers wood-destroying organisms inspections (WDOs) for realtors and homeowners. Currently the cost for the required written report (DACS Form 13645) for a single family home starts at $49.00. With seven certified inspectors on staff, you will be able to receive your report the same day as you order it if necessary. We also provide the buyer of the property with a coupon for a free pest control service.

General Household Pest Control

Hernando Pest Control offers superior pest control services for ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, spiders and other crawling insects and rodents.  By utilizing the latest product formulas and integrated pest management practices, you can rest assured that your pest problems will be under control.  Many plans ranging from once a month to once a year are available.


Hernando Pest Control provides lawn service in both granular and liquid form depending on the lawn’s need. We do not offer any type of service for weed control. We will make watering recommendations as well as treatment recommendations at no charge.


Construction Pre-Treats

Hernando Pest Control has always prided ourselves in providing thorough pre-construction termite treatments at the full label rate even before it was required by the State of Florida and the Southern Building codes. Our prices are competitive with no hidden costs. The exterior perimeter treatment will be done at no additional charge within one (1) year of the original treatment as required. Hernando Pest Control currently uses cypermethrin for pretreats, as it has been shown to provide superior resistance to alkalinity changes in the soil brought on by the concrete curing.