10 Things You Should Know About Pest Extermination



Do you need pest extermination? Many people have several negative opinions of what to expect when they call on a pest exterminator. Is he or she anything more than just a person who has a fascination with bugs? If you think pest extermination is boring and virtually useless, think again. People do not realize just what pest exterminators can do for them and their home. If you have pests in your home, the best method for pest treatment is to call a professional pest exterminator. But what exactly can he or she do for you? The following are 10 things you need to know about pest extermination:

  1. It does not have to be expensive. The largest misconception out there is that calling a professional pest exterminator means spending a lot of money. However, the cost is dependent on the type of treatment needed and the severity of the problem. You may find it relatively affordable in most cases.
  2. Your house won’t smell like chemicals. There are some treatments that require the use of chemicals, but this does not mean your home will be coated in a chemical-like smell. In many situations, you will not notice any odor from a pest exterminator’s presence.
  3. A pest exterminator does more than you can do. Pest products used by exterminators are often more effective. They are also only available to be used by a professional due to their makeup. They do pack some real punch in those backpacks of chemicals they carry around!
  4. Pest extermination does not take too long. Often times, the process only takes a matter of minutes. You will likely see results right away, and then more significantly, as time moves on. The key here is that the sooner you get the treatment, the easier it will be.
  5. The pests are unlikely to keep coming back. It is true that in some areas you will have extensive infestations on a regular basis. (Cockroaches, anyone?) With the help of professional pest extermination, though, this process does not need to be regular. You can reduce the frequency of infestations by using professional services.
  6. You are likely to need only one treatment. Most homes and small businesses can be provided with an effective treatment that takes just one application. There are some situations that do require more than one treatment. This is especially important in larger infestations or with some types of pests more difficult to treat. Your pest exterminator will tell you what is needed when they arrive after they scope out the hiding places of these critters.
  7. You can get free quotes. If you are unsure if you want to use their services, call the exterminator to your home to request a free quote. Often, they will provide you with a thorough inspection of the home, pointing out problem areas that require your attention. They can then tell you what types of options are available, how the treatment process works and the cost.
  8. You can go green. There are pest extermination options for those who want a nonchemical based solution. Going “green” does not mean you cannot fight the pests that threaten your home. Many of the exterminators today do offer environmentally friendly solutions to those who do not want chemicals used in your home.
  9. It may be safer for your pets. Many of the pest extermination products sold in stores can be easily overused, or used incorrectly. This could mean risking your pet’s health if the products are used in the wrong locations. Be mindful of using any product. Follow the directions of the manufacturer.
  10. They can help you! Some people think that they cannot get rid of the pests in their homes no matter what they do. This is not true. In fact, pest exterminators make it their life’s work to find and extinguish those pests lurking in your home.

If you have questions or need help, a pest exterminator is the best person to call. Pest extermination is safe, effective, and affordable in most situations.

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